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Design Matters


Tim Lee is a 1985 Graduate of the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design and a minor in Business Administration.

Following his return to the Bahamas, he worked with his family interior retail firm Lee's Carpet & Decorating Centre and in 1992 opened InterDesign Ltd. an office design and furnishings company which focused primarily on furnishings for corporate offices, law firms, off shore banks and commercial bank spaces. This experience of more than twenty years enables Tim to bring an in depth knowldege of interior materials, products and the processes needed to bring an interior project to a successful completion on time and within budget.

He has a passion for sound fundamental design to be integrated into every phase of a project, no matter the size or scope along with an absolute attention to detail

Tim understands that interior projects represent a significant investment by the company owners and realizes that effective commercial interior workspaces have the ability to positively impact the working culture and improve the overal efficiency of the company itself.

This understanding coupled with a blend of efficiency and creativity and a very hands on personalized approach is the key to successfully designing, managing and delivering outstanding interior spaces

Tim has always demonstrated a passion for helping those most in need in our local and regional community especially in times of crisis, leading multiple relief and work teams throughout the country and region for 25 years. He brings this same value of caring for and workng with others to each project and client he works with.

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