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Project Mangement


At the heart of any interior design are the products that make up the physical elements of the interior.

Lee Interiors prides itself on sourcing the best furniture products to help realise your goals. We have access to a broad range of high quality interior furnishing suppliers in order to meet the unique needs of your project.

Whether it is a flooring, furniture, seating or accessory need, our experience and knowledge of the current available products enable Lees's to provide competitive, effective solutions.

The workplace is not only the physical space and home to an organization, it can play an important role in contributing to the success of a business, making an effective contribution to overall performance by helping to improve individual and collective results.

The design of the workplace can help give you the edge, allow you to streamline business processes, enhance your brand, attract and retain staff, improve productivity and give the right impression to your clients.

The design process for a typical project is likely to include the following stages:

Conceptual development/ Preliminary Proposal Planning & Design developmentSpecification Construction & Installation

Our approach is based on working closely with the client to provide a service which is focused on delivering a completed job effiectively whilst the cliient is able to concentrate on running their business.

Lee Interiors takes a partnership approach to contracting, working with you to agree, prepare and implement a realistic plan at the beginning of the process in order to ensure that there are no surprises during or at the end of the contract.

A typical project program includes:

Program design Quality Control Timescales & milestonesCommunication routes Sub Contractor Management Form of Contract
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